Our Approach

At Woodfield, we teach maths through a mastery approach.  Year groups focus on one aspect of the maths curriculum, such as place value, for several weeks which allows the children to go deeper in their learning through developing their mathematical fluency, reasoning and ability to problem solve.

 Additionally, all year groups use a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach to develop children’s understanding. All year groups have maths toolkits which have age specific concrete and pictorial materials in to support children’s learning. We follow a medium term plan which focuses on one aspect of maths (such as place value) for 2/3 weeks. Spending more time on each area of maths allows us to teach through a Mastery approach, and to go deeper with the children’s learning through reasoning and problem solving. We strongly believe that children must grasp the initial ‘fluency’ of their mathematical skills through the use of high quality resources which reinforce the concrete and pictorial, and then allow children to have a good understanding of the abstract.

Children are tested weekly on their times table knowledge using our ‘Olympic’ challenges. Children try to beat their score and move up the table which is displayed in each classroom.

Measurement, Geometry and Statistics are taught through topic wherever possible, providing children with engaging stimuli for their maths, and showing them the mathematical links to the real world.

Olympic Times Tables

Times tables are an important part of the maths curriculum. They are introduced in Year 2 and pupils are expected to be fluent in all facts (up to 12×12) by the end of Year 4.  Every week, your child will be tested on their times table facts through our whole school Olympic Times Tables Challenge .  This involves a 3 minute test in which children are required to recall a range of multiplication and related division facts.  Please find more information on the leaflet attached, including the facts  that need to be known to move up to the next level.

Olympic Tables Parent Leaflet

If you would like to practise these tests at home, please click on the links below:




Bronze Medalist

Silver Medal

Gold  Medalist

European Champion

Olympic Medalist

World Champion

An example of our Olympic Times Table Challenge display. 


Maths Calculation Strategies

The teaching of maths and calculation methods has changed over the years and we want to ensure you can support your child with their homework. Please find attached our calculation strategies for the 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). On each document it will guide you through the objectives from the national curriculum as well as how to help your child using the correct methods. If you would prefer a hard copy please ask at the main office. 






Mathematics Policy

To view the school’s mathematics policy please click on the link below:

Mathematics Calculation Policy 2017

Pupil Voice

Children have recently completed pupil voice questionnaires to feedback to teachers about their maths lessons. Here are some examples of what the have children said: 

What Our Pupils Say

Any additional questions please see Mr Coe or Miss Betts from our Maths Team.