Key Stage 2

   Key Stage Two

The Head of Key Stage 2 is Miss Lowry. If you wish to discuss any issues relating to Key Stage 2, please contact Miss Lowry directly. She is available most mornings and nights on the KS2 playground or you can make an appointment to see her by contacting the school office.

Curriculum Leaflets

  These are the topics we are currently exploring in Spring term across KS2. Check out the curriculum leaflets below to find out more about how we are exploring these topics here.


Please click on the links below to access this term’s curriculum leaflet.

As well as this term’s topic, children focus on a variety of topics as they move through KS2.  Find out more about the topics your child will explore on our Curriculum page.

Here is how our planning links to our Woodfield’s key drivers.


Home Learning

Please click on the links below to access our KS2 Spring Home Learning leaflets.


The links below can be used at home to support revision of key skills.


Core Stories & Novel Study

These are the novels we are currently studying across KS2, taken from our core book lists below. We are using these in many different way across our English lessons.

At Woodfield Primary, each year group has a number of core books which we read, enjoy and learn from. These books will be used in our reading, writing and topic lessons. This means that we will get to know a substantial number of books really well! Check out the book lists below to find out what your child is reading this term!


Please note the statutory assessment dates for Y6.  It is important that your children are in school for these dates, and the days leading up to them as these cannot be re-scheduled:

Year 6 SATS: w/c 13th May 2019

At Woodfield we like to inform you as much as possible. Here is a video to accompany the information provided at the Year 6 SATs information session.

KS2 Letters:

All letters sent out to KS2 in 2018/19 can be found below:

04 Jan 2019 – Newsletter

How To Support Your Child in Reading at Home

How We Teach Reading in KS2