Key Stage 1

The Acting Head of Key Stage 1 is Mr Coe.  If you wish to discuss any issues relating to Key Stage 1 please contact Mr Coe directly, he is available most mornings and nights on the KS1 playground or you can make an appointment to see him by contacting the school office.



Key Stage 1 say a prayer at the start and the end of each day as follows:-

It’s the start of the day, close my eyes and say… Please help me with my work and play. I’ll try to be good for I know that I should. It’s my prayer at the start of the day. Amen.

At the end of the day close your eyes and say… thank you for my work and play. I try to be good for I know that I should, that’s my prayer at the end of the day. Amen.

Prayer hands

Please read the letter below which explains why we pray in school and also contains information on how to opt out of RE and the prayers should you so wish:-

KS1 Prayer Letter


Tuck Shop

The children in KS1 have the option to enjoy a healthy snack at play times on a Tuesday and Wednesday. We ask that if you would like pay for tuck shop, you do so on a Monday so that we can purchase fresh snacks. Items are 50p each with a limit of 2 per child per day.

If you have any questions about the Tuck Shop, please see your child’s class teacher.

Parents Leaflets

Please see our current curriculum leaflets below. Additionally, these are available from the school office and have been emailed out .

Home Learning

Please see this half term’s homework. Children may choose one activity each week to complete. All KS1 classes have a space to display any models the children create.


KS1 Medium Term Curriculum Maps

End of Key Stage 1 Assessments

Throughout the month of May, pupils in year 2 will sit their end of Key Stage 1 Assessment tests. These tests are commonly known as SATs and are used to contribute towards the teachers’ assessment of the pupils. For more information on the tests please watch this short video or speak to your child’s teacher.

Reading in Key Stage 1

For information on how we teach reading in Key Stage 1, please read the following leaflet. Copies have been emailed out and paper copies are available from reception.

How We Teach Reading KS1 Letter