If you’re lucky, you’ll find them nestling in a flower bed, or placed on top of a stone wall or gate post. You might even come across one on a window sill or a tree stump – brightly painted stones with messages and colourful patterns and drawings.

So popular has the hobby of stone painting become that it has now developed into a craze, and Woodfield Primary School are launching our very own #Woodfieldrocks to share our fantastic artwork and feel-good messages with our local community and beyond. (Hopefully!)

We will be decorating our own pebbles and encouraging our children to put down their games consoles and fidget spinners to take the time to hide them around the local area.  Think of it as a giant game of hide and seek, using inanimate objects – the idea is to get out and about and get rock hunting. 

Once you have found one, turn it over. The real game is on the other side of the decoration.  The idea is to take a photograph of the rock where you found it, share it on social media using the hashtag written on it so that the person who hid it in the first place can follow its journey, and then re-hide it in a new location.

This family-friendly activity has already enticed thousands across the world to join in.  Time outside is an important part of an active lifestyle, with recent studies finding that British children actually spend less time outside than adult prisoners. It’s an awful statistic to read, especially when you consider that children who regularly play outdoors have been shown to be happier, healthier, more confident and less anxious.  Discovering new places and developing that sense of wonder and adventure is a vital part of any childhood.  After all, we bet that most of your own memories of childhood stem from time outdoors with friends: building dens, riding bikes, climbing trees etc. It’s time we encouraged those same memories in our own children.