Diary Dates

Dates for this academic year’s Local Governing Body meetings are:

  • 26 Nov 2019 – Full LGB
  • 2nd Mar 2020 – Full LGB
  • 28th Apr 2020 – Resources
  • 23rd June 2020 – Full LGB
  • 7th July 2020 – Resources



All members of the Local Governing Body of Woodfield Primary School are appointed for 4 years, unless otherwise stated.  The Local Governing Body is made up as follows:-

CATEGORY (appointed by)  END DATE                 (date appointed) POSITION


Parent          (parent election) 04.03.23 ( 04.03.19) Governor Mrs Nicola Harding
Co-opted       (LGB) 27.11.22 (27.11.18)  Governor Mr John Davis


Parent          (parent election) 21.01.22    (21.01.14) Vice Chair of Governors Mr Nigel Simpson
C0-opted       (Local Authority) 31.08.20      (14.12.16) Chair of Governors Mr Peter Steadman
Co-opted       (Local Authority) 20.01.22     (20.01.14) Governor Mrs Julie Clift
Co–opted      (Local Authority) 01.09.20     (01.09.16) Governor Mrs Rosie Baldock
Co-opted       (LGB) 04.03.23 (04.03.19) Governor Mr David Longley
Staff                 (staff election) 13.11.23      (13.11.19) Governor Mrs Jayne Miller
Head Teacher         (N/A) 31.08.50      (01.09.19) Ex-Officio Mrs Kate Hope
Associate       (N/A) Advisory no voting rights

not required to be listed on GIAS

Associate Miss Nicky Fallon

The following are Governors who have resigned recently:

 Name Category Appointed by Position Date Resigned
Helen Harrison

Brian Newland

Nicky Fallon





Staff election

Staff election







 Paul Williams  Parent  Parent Election Vice Chair of Governors  21.01.18
 Julie Edwards  Staff  Staff election Governor  13.02.17
Sandra Betts Co-opted LGB Governor 27.11.18


Committee Membership

Please click on the link below to view LGB Committee Membership for this academic year:

Committee Membership & Designated Roles



Please click on the links below to view the Inspection Copies of Local Governing Body documents.  If you require any previous older LGB documents please ask at Main Reception or email:


Local Governing Body Meeting Agendas/Minutes – Sep 2019 to Aug 2020

26.11.19 LGB Agenda Autumn Term

Awaiting – 26 Nov 2019 – Full LGB Minutes

Awaiting – 2nd Mar 2020 – Full LGB

Awaiting – 28th Apr 2020 – Resources

Awaiting – 23rd June 2020 – Full LGB

Awaiting – 7th July 2020 – Resources

Local Governing Body Meeting Agendas/Minutes – Sep 2018 to Aug 2019

26.10.18 – Resources Agenda

26.10.18 – Resources Minutes

27.11.18 – Full LGB Agenda

27.11.18 – Full LGB Minutes

04.03.19 – Full LGB Agenda

04.03.19 – Full LGB Minutes

18.03.19 – Full LGB Special Meeting Agenda

18.03.19 – Full LGB Special Meeting Minutes

18.06.19 – Full LGB Agenda

18.06.19 – Full LGB Minutes

Local Governing Body Meeting Agendas/Minutes – Sep 2017 to Aug 2018

Agenda – Full LGB 20.09.17

Minutes – Full LGB 20.09.17

Agenda – Resources 07.11.17

Minutes – Resources 07.11.17

Agenda – Full LGB 29.11.17

Minutes – Full LGB 29.11.17

Agenda – Full LGB 05.03.18

Resources Meeting 20.06.16 & Full LGB 05.03.18 – Minutes

Agenda – Resources 20.06.18

Agenda – Full LGB 03.07.18

Minutes – Full LGB 03.07.18


Instrument of Government

Please click on the link below to view our Instrument of Government:-

Instrument of Government


Other Documents

Statement of Internal Control

Best Value Statement

Local Governing Body Handbook

NGA Model Code of Conduct 2019

Scheme of Delegation 2019-2020


The Rose Learning Trust Governance Documents

To access the following Rose Learning Trust Governance Documents please click on the link below to transfer to The Rose Learning Trust webpage:

Articles of Association

Funding Agreement

Scheme of Delegation

Register of Governors Interests

Register of Governor Interests – Sep 2017

Register of Governor Interests – Sep 2018

Register of Governor Interests – Sep 2019


Attendance Register

It should be noted that the Governors Attendance Register is a working document and is updated and uploaded to this website regularly:

2016-17 Attendance Register

2017-18 Attendance Register

2018-19 Attendance Register

2019-20 Attendance Register


Governor Training

LGB Training Log – Sep 2017 – Aug 2018

LGB Training Log – Sep 2018 – Aug 2019

Governor Training 2019


Contact the Chair of Governors

If you need to contact the Chair of Governors, Mr Peter Steadman please email and the School Business Manager and Responsible Officer, Jayne Miller will pass on the information or alternatively write to him at the school address with the envelope marked “Confidential FAO Mr P Steadman, Chair of Governors”

Meet the Governors

Excellent governance in itself cannot directly improve the quality of teaching or overcome other problems within schools; this is the province of the Head Teacher and professional staff. However, by appropriate challenge and focus on the key issues that restrict improvement, the governing body can identify potential difficulties and ensure that corrective action is put in place. We hope by reading the minutes above you will agree this is exactly what the Governors at our school undertake.

In addition you can also view information about our Local Governing Body and school on the Government website by following the link below:

Peter Steadman : Governor (Chair)

Peter Steadman

Governor (Chair)

Nigel Simpson : Governor (V.Chair)

Nigel Simpson

Governor (V.Chair)

Kate Hope : Acting Head Teacher

Kate Hope

Acting Head Teacher

Julie Clift : Governor (Co-opted)

Julie Clift

Governor (Co-opted)

Rosie Baldock : Governor (Co-opted)

Rosie Baldock

Governor (Co-opted)

John Davis : Governor (Co-opted)

John Davis

Governor (Co-opted)

David Longley : Governor (Co-opted)

David Longley

Governor (Co-opted)

Nicola Harding : Governor (Parent)

Nicola Harding

Governor (Parent)

Nicky Fallon : Associate Governor

Nicky Fallon

Associate Governor

Jayne Miller : Governor (Staff)

Jayne Miller

Governor (Staff)