School Council

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What is School Council?


Woodfield Primary School Council is a group of children elected by their fellow class members to represent their opinions and raise issues with Mrs Harrison, the leadership team and governors in the school. The school council also takes forward projects on behalf of the children in school, and are involved in a range of activities from planning to priorities from the School Development Plan, and interviewing staff.


Our School Council is effective because:

  • There are representatives of all children from year 1 to 6
  • It allows us to take time to listen to children and gives them the opportunity to communicate their views
  • Our members feedback to their classes to explain what happened about their views
  • We make things happen – or explain why they can’t!

To ensure that everyone has their say we make sure that:

  • Our members are elected through a fair and open process
  • Everyone is represented
  • There are different ways for people to give their views (e.g. class discussion time, voting tubes, questionnaires, pupil voice surveys).
  • Training is in place when needed.
  • We communicate effectively so that children know what happens to their suggestions and ideas.
  • Children see results.


Current School Council Members


 Year 6

Emily and Tyler

Year 5

Jasleen and Dominic

Year 4

Sienna and Divine

Year 3

Harry and Benjamin

Year 2

Alfie and Emily-Rose

Year 1

Molly and Cameron

Staff Representative

Mrs Watson

What have we been working on?

In the Autumn and Spring Term our focus was on how the children felt about playtime and how we could improve their experience. As a result of this the children have been coming up with ideas for fundraising activities that we could undertake to allow us to develop the KS2 playgorund. Watch out for upcoming fundraising in the summer term

In the Summer Term, our focus will move to the school Code of Conduct and getting the children to adapt the statements to make them more child friendly.