Attendance & Admissions



As you know, improving attendance is one of our key priorities.  It is very important that your child regularly attends school and that they arrive on time.  This ensures your child feels included and part of the school day.

We have been set a target in 2016-17 to gain whole school attendance of 97%.

In 2014-15 we gained whole school attendance of 95%. and in 2015-16 we gained whole school attendance of 95.4%.  We are determined this year we will meet this target of 97%!

Throughout 2016-17 we will be holding three week school attendance challenges.  Each child with 100% attendance over these three weeks will receive a certificate and small prize from our trolley.  Look out for the three week challenge dates on our Newsletters!

Attendance Challenge Prizes 3 Week Attendance Challenge Prize Trolley


The class with the best attendance over the three weeks will also receive a hamper full of goodies for you all to share.

If you need any support with attendance or punctuality, please do not hesitate to contact:-


Miss Boyes

Attendance Officer

Tel: 01302 853289

 Michelle Boyes
Tracey Lawes  

Mrs Lawes

Family Learning Mentor

Tel: 01302 853289


Please click on the links below to view our attendance newsletters:



Attendance & Admissions Policies

Please click on the link below to view our school’s attendance policy and the current DMBC admissions policies:-

DMBC School Attendance Policy Nov 2016

Doncaster Council Nursery Admission Policy 2017-2018

Doncaster Council School Admission Policy 2017-2018

Doncaster Primary Co-ordination 2017-18

Meet Sam & Sammie

Sam & Sammie are not only brother and sister, but they are best friends too. They go to the same school and have the same friends. Would you like to meet Sam, Sammie & friends?

Take a look at Sam and Sammie’s website all about attendance at:-

About Sam and Sammie

Sam and Sammie are our attendance champions. They promote the importance of school attendance to children, parents and schools. The Sam and Sammie resources promote the 6 building blocks in the wall of success – Attendance, Punctuality, Good Habits, talk to the school, talk to each other and ask for help.

The Sam and Sammie program is designed to engage children and their families in recognising the benefits of attending school regularly. Sam and Sammie would like all schools to adopt the Sam and Sammie program and see what a fantastic improvement it makes to attendance and punctuality.