Woodfield Primary School Choir

Woodfield Primary School has the wellbeing of its pupils at the core of all we do. We decided not to lose sight of the creative subjects, such as music, but instead to embrace the benefits they can bring.   We enlisted the help of Rainbow Connection in 2015 to help us develop a choir with the aim being to release some endorphins; reduce pupil stress levels and improve their confidence and self-esteem.

These aims were duly achieved and led to huge success at competition level too. We were thrilled to come in third place in both the Don Valley and Robin Hood Festival of Music and Drama in 2016.  We used our newly found resilience to help us persevere and went on to triumph in 2017! Our hunger to win didn’t subside.  We won first place at both festivals against some very stiff competition!  We have also sung in the Civic Building in Doncaster; the Frenchgate Centre, for the Civic Mayor and now we have the great pleasure of performing for you here this evening.  This will be our third Christmas Concert with Rainbow Connection and we are all very excited!