Tour De Yorkshire

We are extremely proud to say that Woodfield has been chosen to be represented at this year’s Tour De Yorkshire to take part in ‘TDY 500 Metre Dash’. This event will take place on the Tour de Yorkshire finish straight on Bennetthorpe as part of our celebration of stage 1 finish of the Tour de Yorkshire on Thursday 3rd May 2018.

Two of our children have the opportunity to race in front of thousands of spectators on the finish straight that World and Olympic champions will have sprinted for glory on during the stage finish on the same day. This event is the opportunity of a lifetime and a chance to be part of a major international sporting event.

The 500 metre dash will be a time trial event. Competitors will set off at 1 minute intervals, starting on the finish line, sprinting 250m down Bennetthorpe before turning round and sprinting back up to the finish.

Fingers crossed we do well!

Look out below for any pictures of the day…