Give the World a Hug – Friday 26th May 2017

At Woodfield we value the things that make us all different, as well as the things that make us all the same. In a week filled with sad news, it is important to remember that by working together as one we will always be stronger. So, we would like to Give the World a Hug and send our love to those who need it. The children in Nursery to Year 4 are being challenged to make a heart filled with love, then we will put all our hearts together in the quad and the love will go all around the world. In Year 5 and 6 their task is to think of a message they would like to send to the world or the people of the world in sad times to help us be stronger.  These messages will then be hung from the trees in the quad.

 If your child has any questions about recent events in the news, it’s important not to dismiss their questions and talk to your children about them.  In school we feel it’s important to put across the message that sometimes we see and hear about things on the news that make us feel anxious, sad or confused. It’s important to know that you are not the only one and it is ok to have these feelings. Remember that upsetting stories are in the news because they don’t happen very often and are rare.

If parents would like to join in with “Give the World a Hug” day they can drop off their messages at main reception and we will place them in our trees.

Below is a picture of our children in Early Years marking the 1 minute’s silence on Thursday 25th May to show the nation’s solidarity with those who were injured in the blast as well as others affected by the atrocity in Manchester.  Alongside the Give the World a Hug day photographs.