Pupil Premium

Following a government initiative launched in April 2011, the school is eligible for funding called Pupil Premium, in addition to the main school budget.  Pupil Premium funding is available for every child who is registered for Free School Meals or who has qualified for Free School Meals at any point in the previous six years, those who have been in continuous care for six months or more, and children of service personnel.  For this academic year, the Pupil Premium funding is £1320 for each eligible child, but the school does not receive this money automatically; parents must apply.  If you believe your child fits any of these categories, please let the school know.

The government sees these children as a priority.  In many schools, their level of progress and attainment is lower than other children of the same age, and additional funding for their education helps to narrow the gap.  Head teachers and school governors decide how Pupil Premium money is spent. The achievement and attainment of these pupils is regularly assessed in comparison with pupils who are not Pupil Premium, and the school is held accountable for the attainment of Pupil Premium pupils by the Ofsted Inspectors.

At Woodfield, our aim is to ensure that our teaching and learning meets the needs of all our pupils, helping all pupils achieve their individual potential.  The Pupil Premium funding helps us to ensure that we provide extra provision for our pupils who fall into this group, to assess and address their individual needs.

Our school has a dedicated Pupil Premium Link Governor, Mr Paul Williams, who regularly monitors the progress and attainment of these pupils, along with the Head Teacher, SLT, Pupil Premium Lead and the Local Governing Body.

I feel it is important that all children are fully included in the curriculum, to ensure that teaching and learning opportunities meet the needs of all our pupils at Woodfield.  As a Governor, along with the senior leadership team and the rest of the Local Governing Body, it is essential that we accept responsibility for children who are in the Pupil Premium group.  We are committed to meeting their social, emotional and academic needs within a nurturing environment. However, we recognise that there will be children who don’t qualify for Pupil Premium funding or who are not recognised as ‘socially disadvantaged’, and so we sometimes include other children in groups funded by Pupil Premium. This benefits all pupils of Woodfield and helps to ensure that all children who attend our school are fully engaged and included.’

Paul Williams
Pupil Premium Link Governor


Please follow the link to the Ofsted School Data Dashboard to show the “closing the gap” information between disadvantaged and other pupils.



Overview of the School

Sep 2016 – Aug 2017

Total number of pupils on roll 352
Number of pupils eligible for PP 150
Amount of PP received per pupil £1,320
Total amount of PP received £198,000
Total amount spent  £208,000
School recognises that many of its socially disadvantaged pupils may not be eligible for FSM and therefore subsidises the overspend from the whole school budget in order to meet the needs of all our pupils.

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Pupil Premium Funding 2016-17

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Please find below a link to our Pupil Premium Policy:

Pupil Premium Policy